Our Bed and Breakfast is situated in the very heart of the Sardinian capital Cagliari - "Casteddu" (Castle) in the Sardinian language - located just a stones throw away from the famous harbour, the large via Roma, just in front of the famous monument " Bastione Saint Remy " and close to all the touristic attractions.

The bus stop for the 7 km long white sandy beach " Poetto " and the train station are within walking distance.


For those who love Italian or Sardinian food, located very close to our B&B, we strongly advise you to go and discover via Sardegna. Known more for the atmospheric charm, this street is a walking thoroughfare full of cafes and restaurants for various budgets and tastes, all restored with the typical Sardinian exposed bricks and arches. 

Whether you are looking for breakfast by the sea, an aperitif while enjoying the sunset, or clubbing until the early hours of the morning, Cagliari is the place to be. It offers something for everyone, from the traditional or religious parades, a tour around museums and monuments, excursions to the white sandy beaches or in the Gulf of Cagliari with our boat and why not...  some shopping too!

The city has a vibrant night life both in low season, with the populated Piazza Yenne, and in the summer along the Poetto beach, where numerous beach bars will offer you different alternative evenings, from a simple dinner, to a piano bar or a nightclub.


Casteddu... in this paradise, there is no room for boredom!

Fra Cielo E Mare
Viale Regina Margherita 85
Cagliari  09124  Italia

Tel:  +393914674810

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Public parking Regina Elena - 500 mt

Bastione Saint Remy - 100mt

Railway station - 800 mt

The elephant tower - 500 mt

Via Roma - 300 mt

Via Sardegna - 300 mt

Piazza Yenne - 450 mt

Amphitheater Romain - 1500 mt

Busstop for the beach Poetto  - 450 mt

Poetto  - 5 km (through bicycle path)

Opera house - 1500 mt

Basilica Bonaria - 1300 m

San Benedetto market - 1100 mt

Saint-Marie cathedral - 600 mt

The tower Saint-Michele - 3,8 Km