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the flying


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Hi there! I'm Luca the flying craftsman. 

I create items with skill, lots of love and funny moments behind them. 

Why the Flying craftsman? Because my day job is being an Airline pilot! But in my free time I love to create art with wood, being inspired by all the wild nature and colours this island offers.


I have started to craft items for the house well before it was ready to live in: if you have been one of our guests, you probably saw different kind of standing, hanging and bedside lights, coffee tables, side tables, wooden hangers and much more... and you know how much love and efforts we put in creating this hidden jewel!


All of my creations are HANDMADE and UNIQUE and are now available for you to purchase.

Contact us for more info and let us know what your wishes are and I will make sure (or at least do my best!) to make it real.  


I love to work with okoumè wood: okoumè heartwood is typically a lustrous pinkish-brown to light red with a fine, uniform texture.

I normally stain it with oak color and give it an "aged" look, but any type of color and finishing is possible upon request.

Also, during our long walks, I collect wood in the nature, ideas starts flowing and I give it a new life! It could be a lamp, a stool or a coat hanger, I love the fact that my creations could find a place and give warm in the house!

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