Trekking Tour at Sella del Diavolo

Hike to the top of the "Sella del Diavolo" (Saddle of the Devil), an extraordinary experience  and beautiful place overlooking Cagliari, Poetto beach and the Gulf of Angels. Wild life is everywhere and hopefully you can spot some dolphins.

Cagliari Bike Tour

One of the tours available in Cagliari, start in the Marina district, pass by the Bonaria Basilica, around the waterfront, through the military area and head over to discover the natural park of Molentargius, a green oasis perfectly placed within the urban area - the home of the pink flamingos. 

The tour ends at the beautiful beach of Poetto, 6 Miles of sandy beach, crystal clear water surrounded by palm trees and trendy bars. 

Cagliari's Gulf on a boat

It is possible for tourists to rent this type of boat - fast and safe - even without a nautical drivers licence and it's even possible to charter it with a skipper.

Starting from the city port, you can either choose to proceed to the South East towards Villasimius or the South West towards Pula and Chia where you will visit the most beautiful beaches in this part of the island.

It is also possible, for passionate fishermen, to organize fishing excursions.

Visit the San Benedetto's Market

If you want to feel the local everyday life, the San Benedetto Market is one of the must see places. It was open in 1957 and it soon became "the market" where every "Mamma Cagliaritana" shops for fresh local food. 

Inside this two level building you will find everything from vegetables, meat, bread to seafood.

Tasting sea urchins or mussels surely is an experience not to be missed.

Water parks 

There are two waterparks available close to the city: Diverland and Blufan.

Lot of games and activities for an unforgettable day!

Diverland Aquatic Park

S.S. 125 km 19, 500

Cruxi Lilliu

Quartucciu CA

Opening time:

21/06 - 21/09

Blufan Aquatic park

S.S. 195 km 24, 650

Sarroch CA

Opening time:

01/06 - 29/09

Santuario di Bonaria

The "Santuario di Bonaria" is the largest church in Sardinia built when a crate arrived mysteriously from the sea on the beach at the foot of the hill of Bonaria. On the crate they found a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Child with a lighted candle in her right hand.

 Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Visiting Barumini and its territory means discover a world rich in history and tradition. From the first moments in which you approach this small village of Marmilla, located in the heart of Sardinia, you can breathe a particular atmosphere, that one of a special place, deputed since the Old Age at seat of power and central part of a rich land full of marvels and fundamental way of communication.


Cagliari is full of very nice places to eat for various budgets and tastes. Below you will find a list of our personal favourite restaurants:

"Antica Cagliari"


Position: Via Sardegna 49


Menu: restaurant, mostly for seafood lovers (a small part of the menu is dedicated to meat), offers good value for money 

Luca's favourites: mixed seafood appetizer and grilled fresh catch of the day, white vermentino wine 


Coralies's favourites:  sautèed mussels and spaghetti with clams and bottarga, white vermentino wine 



Position: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 20

Menu: aperitif place and wine bar, traditional sardinian atmosphere, where you can enjoy a meter long "tagliere" filled with different types cold cuts, cheese and aperitif.

Luca's favourites: red cannonau wine

Coralie's favourites: white vermentino wine

"Luigi Pomata"


Position: Viale regina Margherita 18

Menu: restaurant, mostly for seafood lovers (a small part of the menu is dedicated to meat) the owner himself will guide you through the menu to help you choose your meal according to your taste.

Luca's favourites: tuna tartar, white vermentino wine

Coralie's favourites: seafood carbonara, white vermentino wine

"Civico Mare"


Position: Viale Regina Margherita 97


Menu: traditional Sardinian cooking with a contemporary twist

Luca's  and Coralie's favourites: snapper fish with mustard seeds, white vermentino wine

For further information regarding all the available activities, restaurants and excursions please consult the brochure inside the Bed & Breakfast.